The objective is to ensure nutrition supply for families in the Poshan Abhiyan village. The idea is to make sure that all in the family specially children and women should not become victim of mal-nutrition. It’s evolved on the principle of low cost organic farming in a small piece of land either part of farm-field or a small area adjacent to home or hut of the family.

Area Required-30*30 sqft

The model size to build nutrition garden is 30*30 sqft; where 15 ft circumference is to be made at outer part and then 7 partitions to be done to make 14 Kyari respectively. Thus, we can grow 14 types of vegetables in 14 kyari.

Seeds grown

Green leafy vegetables, pumpkins, different varieties of gourds, ladyfinger, Tomato, etc. These seeds are used as per Seasonal suitability.

Time Taken-40-45 days

Total time took place in making nutrition garden is 40-45 days. In this tenure,15-20 days is used for germination process, the leafy vegetables likepalak, methi, chaulai come out as first harvest after 45 days of establishment and almost next 15-20 days other vegetable crops like brinjal, tomato, chili, lauki, torai etc starts the production.

Districts Blocks Total Production in April (in k.g.) Total Production in May (in k.g.) Document Attached
Ayodhya Pura Bazar 23.5 254.5
Bahraich Risia 0 598
Basti Bhahdurpur 309 737
Etawah Mahewa 0 215
Farraukhabad Rajepur 92.5 520
Hardoi Sandila 79 315
Jaunpur Sirkoni 249 779.5
Kannauj Kannauj 10.5 199.5
Kheri Behjam 799.25 180.1
Mirzapur Chhanbey 31 773.7
Pilibhit Barkhera 145.5 326
Shahjahanpur Dadrol 104.9 251.1
Shravasti Ikauna 0 240